About Platte Creek Lodge

About Platte Creek Lodge


Owners Tom and Nova Steinhauser

Platte Creek Lodge was built in 2001 by 3 gentlemen from Kansas City, MO who came to South Dakota pheasant hunting and fell in love with the Platte, South Dakota area and what it offers from the great outdoors.

As of January 2013, Tom and Nova Steinhauser purchased the lodge and became the new owners and operators. Both Tom and Nova have years of experience in the lodge business dating back to 1988 at Thunderstik Lodge, located near Chamberlain, South Dakota. Tom, a native of Minnesota, has been guiding hunting, and fishing for 20 some years. Nova, coming from a family of 12, who all love hunting and fishing, has had years of experience cleaning and caring for people. She has 3 sons, Rocky, Riley, and Rudy that love the outdoors as well, all residing nearby. Tom’s 2 daughters from MN, Ciarra, and Courteney, also enjoy coming out and visiting the area as well and even try to hook a walleye or shoot a pheasant or two!

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